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Dear politicians/Businessman if your eyes are not open till now please open it as a domain is your most important intellectual property in this digital world you have to save your domain if you are not saving your domain today you will suffer in future because like your business like your name you are goodwill domain is also very important to save your business trademark if you are not focusing on this, your domain name can be used by others and that will create a problem for you because there are many cases in women dispute where a company like Facebook has paid big amount for a domain you can search the same in Google you have to also understand one more thing the main is only you are only one digital presence Facebook belongs to Facebook and it is on his URL but your own domain is your on digital presence. If you are doing business then “dot com” and “dot in” domains are very important if you are a charitable or other organisation so that .org domain is very important if you are into politics so dot in the domain is very important for you and it is very important because your name is unique to create a digital presence and Google represent like it is only one on Google no other person can buy this likewise it is same for your name also if you don’t want to suffer in future as anybody else can use your name so save your domain and contact us we have your domain name with us contact us we will give you the best price for it
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